earthbound birds
singing starlit hunt songs—wash
my resting body

Photo: Some rights reserved by matt knoth
See photo at Flickr here.

4 thoughts on “coyotes

  1. I love the coyote totem! They are quite the tricksters. One followed me one night when I was living in Southern California near a canyon in the city. I felt like I was being followed on my way out of my car so I turned around to see what at first I thought was a German Shepard and quickly realized was not a dog at all. When I looked back at him, he would turn his head away from me as if to nonchalantly be gazing at the night sky. Every time I turned around he did that. So human-like. I ended up running the rest of the way to my house and I still wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t been afraid. Maybe he had something to tell me.

    • Thank you syncnflow for sharing this story which has put a big grin on my face. According to the wikipedia article I link to in the post, coyotes are very good “observational learners.” So maybe this coyote had been watching people and learned a few things about what nonchalance looks like! BTW, as far as I can tell, time and space are no barriers to communication when it comes to the wild world, so you could always travel back to that night in intention and spirit if you wanted to, and find out if that coyote had more to tell you. : )

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