propane tank

enclosed by fence
and unmowed grass
wear high tops here
hidden snakes—

a possibility

8629485995_b3b05cd425_cPhoto: Some rights reserved by Kevin Baird
See photo at Flickr here.

Rattlesnake skull
, look at those fangs!

In my neighborhood, people rarely sight rattlesnakes.
However, the venomous bite of these animals can cause
serious illness, even death, so when I’m outside, I stay alert and
take a few extra precautions.

According to Wikipedia
rattlesnakes are killed in large numbers by humans
and are endangered in some areas as a result.
I understand that sometimes killing a rattlesnake might be a
good idea, for example if a snake is spotted in an area where children regularly play.

And—rattlesnakes hunt mice and rats, which is a good thing,
since these rodents can spread infections to
humans and start fires in buildings by chewing
through electrical wires.

One possible way to strike a balance with rattling reptiles is to make areas
where we often walk or sit unwelcome to them by
removing any nearby sources
of shelter or water.


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