arrived bare naked
getting clothes takes tough work
keeping heart—most tough


4 thoughts on “birthday

  1. Love love love your passion. passion shows through images. Ah, the work, remember it well. Arrive naked and leave much the same way. Just in different places. Hospital. Morgue. Prefer the hospital. But who doesn’t. Benjamin Button I wish I could be. In some ways, anyway. Start in diapers and if we are lucky, we end in them. Everyday is a sunrise, my mother reminded me the other day. Yes it is. Yes it is. Your work inspired to me to write this Miss Sibylle. Words so powerful Is it images that lead or words that follow. Keep the great writing flowing from mind through fingertips. It makes so many of us happy to read it. I say work, but you know what I mean. It’s more like passion than work. You’re stuff is so cool. Really, really enjoy it. Wish I could be less literal. More stream of consciousness just flowin’ through those fingertips. Like you do. Peace, Sibylle. Friendly warning, I’ll be back. Laughing out loud.

    • Thanks for the friendly warning Mr. Dharmabeachbum. Now if we’re going to express preferences about where to die, I’ve hoped all my life that when my time comes I’ll be out under the sky somewhere. Yes, I really love all on this planet that reflects what some might call “natural order and design.” (Whether it’s “evolved” or “created” is not so important to me as the fact that we all know it when we see/hear/feel it and what’s of primary interest to me is whether we learn from it or not.) I thank you kindly and receive your acknowledgment… hope you continue to enjoy. Yes, I’ll keep on writing and wish you also fulfilled passion as images and insights flow from mind and heart to fingertips.

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