one road, many words
mountains, darker against dark
car, fast moving womb


6 thoughts on “drive

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  2. Unusual and provocative! I’m still thinking about the “many words” during your drive. Surely you weren’t listening to Rush Limbaugh on the car radio! *hehe*

  3. So many images and memories drawn from within after reading a few words. Memories of lost highways driving through the woods of PA for me. Darkness all around and feeling safe in my pickup. The road esses ever so slightly, yet the darkness doesn’t change Strange, but I would feel most comfortable in those same beautiful woods in the day. Fear of the unknown in the darkness. Truck best not be breakin’ down. Listenin’ to Dylan and Young on that journey through the woods in my 20s and 30s, but it would have been even more beautiful to sit in night and listen to nature. I did do that pre-dawn hunting with late kin while in my teens. When did fearlessness leave and why did it have to go? Thank you so much, my friend, for those images, memories and thoughts. Reminds me that I can still be fearless if I choose to be. Peace!

    • Thanks for these thoughts Mr. DharmaBeachBum, and thanks for returning and reading! I appreciate it. There’s something so mysterious and evocative about being in a car hurtling through the landscape, isn’t there? For myself, I welcome my fear as part of my natural, instinctual self that keeps me alert to what’s going on around me. And sadly, the main reason I might not wander the woods or sagebrush at night wouldn’t be the wild creatures, but certain people. Though we do have a mountain lion around here that is reported to have lost its fear of humans—and so is now a more dangerous animal than before.

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