tea, 2

chop pine needles
shopped steps outside my door
steep, drink, love


a change of pace

I have written quite a few longer poems over the years, and I thought I’d break from my usual haiku routine this morning and offer this one:


I have forgotten all my lovers

they float in a galaxy
that was always without names:
the bones of a dream

I have forgotten all my dreams

the mind’s high tides

it is of no consequence
starfish left behind on the rocks
point the way

I have forgotten the way

all I can hope is that my toes
remain red-bound to my heart

I have forgotten, forgotten my heart

the gardener, however, assures me
that every night
I sing in my sleep  — 2001


(The first four lines of this poem are part of a longer poem written by Taeji, 5 Rhythms Facilitator in Toronto, in response to another poem of mine. I was inspired to spin those four lines out into a new poem.)

bundy ranch

cows calves herded killed
man tasered snipers on watch
government scares me


The stand-off at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada between federal government agents of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters has been justified in some reports as being necessary to save desert tortoises.

Meanwhile, the BLM apparently has planned (and perhaps succeeded by this point) in carrying out mass euthanization of desert tortoises: