a change of pace

I have written quite a few longer poems over the years, and I thought I’d break from my usual haiku routine this morning and offer this one:


I have forgotten all my lovers

they float in a galaxy
that was always without names:
the bones of a dream

I have forgotten all my dreams

the mind’s high tides

it is of no consequence
starfish left behind on the rocks
point the way

I have forgotten the way

all I can hope is that my toes
remain red-bound to my heart

I have forgotten, forgotten my heart

the gardener, however, assures me
that every night
I sing in my sleep  — 2001


(The first four lines of this poem are part of a longer poem written by Taeji, 5 Rhythms Facilitator in Toronto, in response to another poem of mine. I was inspired to spin those four lines out into a new poem.)


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