elk mother with calf
grazing beside my woodpile
their heads part the rain


The beauty of these elk inspired me profoundly. I felt so blessed by their visit to the property where I live. Because I want to see them continue to thrive, I find the information on this website worth my time:



yellow leaves
prophesy cold, dark—
caution tape


I love the changing seasons in their natural state and want to see the beauty of that pattern continue. That’s why I find this site worth my time:


highway quiet
coyotes sing drama loud
lights already out


I love hearing wild creatures, and because I want to keep hearing them, I’ve found this site useful:


brittle black crumbs
crumpled sheets, half-buried
rabbit-weed shifts


Apparently the aerosols used in geoengineering operations spray not only toxic metals, but tiny plastic filaments into the air we breathe. You can find out more about geoengineering here:


plant plans
for next spring
in concrete terms
forms cylindrical, globular,
symmetrical or not
pearls cast to
sweet earth


I love the graceful, geometric beauty of the plants, and have found this site useful to my understanding of how to befriend them better: