late August

western bottomland
someone’s plough turned green to black
hummingbirds still here


If you’re like me and you care about nature and your relationship to nature, this site is worth your time:


2 thoughts on “late August

  1. Lovely poem capturing the languid, lazy beauty of August. I especially love the last line – I’m not sure why, but that conjures such a wonderful image in my head.

    • Hi Topaz, thanks so much for your comment. I’m very kinesthetic in my response to the world, and when I arrived at that last line I chose to stay with it because it gave me the feeling I wanted. It’s fun for me to hear that for another person, the same line worked by sparking inner imagery. Just visited your blog and I’m so impressed by your mature approach to your creative work. I wish you great fulfillment in writing and music.

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