Amazing Grace… new lyrics

I love to sing “Amazing Grace” and one day was inspired to write new lyrics for the beautiful melody:

Amazing grace, that holds us all
In a strength beyond all beliefs
I sing to that grace and send my call
For an end to all needless grief

Through grace Divine, grow your soul’s true seed
Into a tree whose fruit you can share
You’ll meet life’s greatest unnamed need
And grace this world because you dare

Through grace, grow the tree, of your soul’s true seed
Through grace, share the fruit, of your soul’s true seed
Through grace, end the grief, all needless grief
Through grace, grow your tree, meet your need

You can hear me sing the new lyrics here, plus I’ve posted a kind of blog slideshow with this recording, to offer a more multi-dimensional expression of what the lyrics mean to me:


I consider geoengineering to be one of the sources of needless grief in my life. I invite you to find out more about it, since needless grief requires awareness and well-focused action to be stopped:



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