making progress… up to page 19 in my blog post list

Since posting last, I’ve fixed somewhere between 80 and 90 posts! I’ve got roughly another 95 to go before maintenance mode is complete.

I’m writing at the moment with a feeling of apprehension I sometimes get under heavily climate-engineered skies. Earlier today, as I watched the newly laid trails spreading, claimed a sunny day ahead. Sure thing, if you’re up above the aerosol layer! From here on the ground, there’s only a whited-out sky to be seen. Not a natural cloud in sight, or the fabled New Mexico sun. See for more info.


up to page 15

Hi everyone!

I’m still in “maintenance mode” (see previous post). I just made it up to page 15 of 24 pages of posts that are listed in the dashboard of this blog.

I’m revising poems, reclassifying poems, pronouncing poems fine as they are, deleting poems I consider beyond repair, and fixing post layouts that went awry when I changed this blog’s template. It’s enjoyable and satisfying work, though my lack of new posts has flattened my readership stats. Oh well, at the moment it’s feeling more important to me to revisit, revise, and renew old material than to keep posting ahead.

I wish each and every one of you a prosperous and fulfilling 2015.