Thanks for being curious about me.

I live in rural New Mexico, where I daily experience the wonder and vividness of life close-up. Up until moving here in 2012, I had always lived in cities or suburbs, so I have really been learning a lot!

This region is semi-arid. Forested mountains and dormant volcanoes rise from the Earth. The animals and plants who live here are of necessity tough and resilient.The vast sky changes hour to hour—I can see rain fall miles away. Sunsets are dramatic. In spring, the smoke of forest fires sometimes fills the air, in summer, thunderstorms play almost daily. All year round there’s the unfortunate sight, as in most places nowadays, of silvery Xs hanging in the sky, where the pilots who take their orders from the “geoengineers” have been by with their aerosol sprays of nanometals and genetically modified semi-synthetic life forms. Nights are always much colder than the days.

Now that I’ve decided to write a short poem or haiku every day about my experiences in this wild place, I find that my powers of observation have sharpened, my feelings of connection with the life around me have increased, and my days are more pleasurable, because I’m connecting and I’m creating.

I hope that some of my poems bring you pleasure and joy as well!

Thanks for reading.


43 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! Thanks for your visit to my blog and your comment concerning my photograph. I do understand your concern–the picture was taken by myself as as I arrived back in New York off the highway after graduating college. Its meant to illustrate a simple (yet still very exusite, in my mind) sunset over my home state. I appreciate your eye for the specific nature (or, rather, “anti- nature”) within the photograph, and the link you provided. Just hoping my viewers/followers enjoy the beauty in the scenery as much as I do–despite any chemo trails. Best, RJ

    • Hello ReachingJoyThree, thanks for your friendly response to my comment. I’m glad you understand my concern. Yes, indeed, the sunset in this photo is exquisite, and I was very struck by the beauty this photo captured. For me, sometimes, the biggest ache comes in just those moments—when I see the incredible beauty of this world juxtaposed against the agendas and activities of people who don’t respect that beauty. In my mind, there’s no question on this one as to the reality of the disrespect. No one has ever asked my permission as to whether they can spray the sky above my head with toxic chemicals. Best of the day to you, from Sibylle.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I now recall it was your blog that led me to start the “haiku a day” thing. I love the idea, and your haikus are phenomenal. The imagery in them sparks imaginings of living life, and that is always grand. I’ll stop by often for sure 🙂 ❤ ❤ 🙂

    • Wow, that’s exciting, to know that you got inspired to start writing a “haiku a day” by my blog. Thanks for letting me know! I appreciate your compliments—and always like to remind myself that without the amazing world we live in, there could be no poetry worth the name. Every one of my poems is a collaboration, between me and the beauty or surprise or intensity or sometimes ugliness that just so happens to be showing up. (How does “it” do that?)

  3. Congratulations, I have nominated your website for the Liebster Award! I wanted to thank some of the writers I have talked with on WordPress.

    The Liebster Award is used to recognize writers, and allows each nominee to nominate additional website writers. The tradition is for each each nominee to: (1) list 11 facts about themselves; (2) answer the 11 questions asked by the writer who nominated them; (3) to ask 11 new questions; and (4) to nominate 11 additional websites/blogs, and inform them of this and the rules. This can be done as a Page on your website, or it could be completed in a comment box. To see the new questions I have asked, visit the Awards and FAQs Page on my website Eusociality Blog.

  4. I was planning on settling down in “New” Mexico but ended up in a village in Mexico and I’m experiencing the same connectedness beginning to write Haiku about the world I live in. Thank you for following my blog, I look forward to spending time in New Mexico again through your poems

    • I’ve heard from friends of how beautiful Mexico is. So I look forward to learning more about that region too, through your poetry. Yes, something about living in smaller settlements and closer to nature really sparks my muse, it’s interesting to hear that it does that for others too.

  5. How you doing, Miss Sibylle. I love the images running through my mind as I read your haikus. Incredible. Fine, fine writing. Although I haven’t read any of his work lately (read them all long ago), I’m a big fan of Jack Kerouac. I must say, though, your haikus are much better. Peace.

    • Well Mr. DharmaBeachBum, being compared to a well-known writer feels humbling to me (that’s a good thing). Thank you, and thank you for putting a grin on my face! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the haiku. Your comment has just made my day.

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