fire started fast this morning
friends had me over on Monday
youtube is full of wisdom, once you learn where to look
I know how to play with words, and I’m getting better at it


I wish all my United States-based readers a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m taking a short holiday myself. I’ll be posting again on Saturday, November 29, 2014.


I’m also grateful to Dane Wigington for his commitment to what he calls “the common good.” I invite you to consider lending your energy and expertise to his work to expose and stop climate engineering at





memorial day

warrior mind—
calmly observant
prepared for defeat
prepared for death

mobilized against injustice (deceit, theft)
attached only to



I am committed to the internal struggle needed to arrive at honest thinking, balanced thinking, and empowered thinking, as opposed to the kind of mental outlook generally called “positive” thinking. Honesty and willingness to engage with the whole of reality, not just the parts we want to see, lead to empowerment and the capability to make change for the better. This is why I encourage all visitors to this blog to expand their knowledge of the whole reality facing us on Planet Earth, by visiting

spider story

nasturtium leaf, folded under
I lift to see

a spider

chalky white torso
almost a perfect sphere
delicate brown stripes segment the sphere
matching white legs—

comes over, runs the tips of those legs
right along where I have touched the plant

crow—a true story

Walk out through my front door, and my emergence into the scene commented on by a crow.

Seven short “ahs” and I am amused so I sing the pattern back.

And the crow pauses just long enough that I think “this will go nowhere” and then the crow utters seven more “ahs” and I sing back.

And we go back and forth, back and forth, I mimic your changing patterns and pitches, I wish I understood your language in a little more detail.

I say “thank you” as I step back into my house.

Five minutes later, I’m headed to the compost pile and you’re still there, and you call again.

I call back, then you fall silent.

I decide to start the game again, with four higher pitched ahs. You sound back in a new tone, pitch, timbre.

Your crow translation of the sounds I offered you.

I try it again, but you don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t know your language. Maybe I bored you, or offended you. Maybe you’re just done.

Thank you crow, thank you for the smiles you gave me today, thank you for your beauty, thank you for the way my heart feels right now.

Photo: Some rights reserved by tfangel
See photo at Flickr here.