creature, creative

“The word ‘creative’ shares its etymology with the word ‘creature,’ and carries a similar sense of breathing aliveness, of an active, fine-grained, and multicellular making.” —Jane Hirshfield, Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World, Alfred A. Knopf, New York 2015, pg. 3.



coop’s lintel, somehow
walk forehead straight to it
ass meets floor


Earth—a place where injuries happen. I’m concerned these days about the problems being caused by geoengineering. If that subject interests you, please visit here:

neighbor explains

cross gulleys
don’t jump fences

antelopes learn
where to find gates
posts closely placed
wire—antelopes pass
cattle can’t

and he told me
he once raced
an antelope
in his car
at 45 mph
the buck
cut right across the road
in front of him



Photo: See it at Pixabay here.

I feel privileged to see wild animals frequently and I want them to thrive. That’s why I find this website important:

was it?

long walk yesterday
glimpse large, tan, silent creature?
look back again and


I saw a fascinating documentary last night by the youtube channel Storm Clouds Gathering: Rule from the Shadows — The Psychology of Power – Part 1. One thing the documentary discusses is scientific research that indicates that under social pressure, the way we perceive things actually changes. I think this research is relevant to the fact that many people still seem unable to perceive geoengineering, even though, to my eyes, geoengineering clearly alters the sky almost daily. If you’re interested in knowing more about geoengineering, here’s a great site to begin with:


more lies, more colds
viral vultures gather
where we slay truth


This poem was inspired by a recent article appearing at, citing recent research that shows lying and insincerity depress our immune systems: Being Honest Can Improve Your Health.


plant plans
for next spring
in concrete terms
forms cylindrical, globular,
symmetrical or not
pearls cast to
sweet earth


I love the graceful, geometric beauty of the plants, and have found this site useful to my understanding of how to befriend them better: