On this page, I gather my current personal favorite poems published at this blog. I update this page on an irregular schedule—last updated on April 29, 2015.


at dark, earthbound birds
singing starlit hunt songs—wash
my resting body

your breath, warm rapids
flowing over my throat—soft
rhythmic baptism

neighbor’s dog, 4
what, no meat today?
trots quietly to bathroom
strews, eats sweet garbage


yesterday’s sharp edge
rounded—sun, wind, smooth out snow
time gobbles freshness

late fall
prunes leaves,
thins crickets,
stills evenings—
house sings now
between cold and stove

Daily Life

earth’s steadfast friendship
unseen umbilical cord
never lets me down

log’s fractal fingers
embedded in my own—ouch,
some meetings cause pain

drink from you daily
can’t see, hear, smell into you
unknown source of life

secret sweet spot
axe asked

log’s mother of pearl


we sip lemon balm
infusion into nightfall
like Bali, he says

one road, many words
mountains, darker against dark
car fast moving womb

thanks giving
nineteen people



can’t talk chew good food
all at the same time

in town yesterday
heard of home lost, moonshine planned
speeding ticket fought

Fire & Light

wire runs sunshine
along fishbone-thin route
starlight startles eye

snow weights sagebrush
Ute Mountain opal in sun
south, crescent moon

my body reflects
eyes, nails, skin offer back sun
in tiny doses


4 thoughts on “Favorites

    • Robert, thanks for visiting my “Favorites” page—it’s an honor. I also feel sad. When I first moved to this rural area where I live in mid-2012, four hours’ drive from any major city, I heard coyotes at least once or twice a week. Now, it’s every couple of months, if that. There are way fewer birds, including the amazing hummingbirds that were still filling the morning with their trills in 2012, and in the last year, I’ve seen a serious increase in the number of stunted, deformed, and diseased plants, and trees with their bark burnt off. There are days when it feels quite tough for me to keep finding stuff to write about in terms of my love and celebration of nature, because I’m so upset by what I’m seeing.

      My research indicates that a probable cause for all this, given my distance from heavy industry, is the toxic fall-out from the geoengineering efforts. That’s why I now accompany each poem with a link to the most reliable and responsible related site I’ve found, Dane Wigington’s http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org. I’m doing what I can to join him in exposing this highly damaging practice, in the hopes that exposure will eventually lead to its termination.

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