Get Rich Blogging?

Are you one of those people about to press the follow button on this blog because you want to get me involved in your “make money by blogging” multi-level-marketing (MLM) scheme?

What amazing lives you have guys (well, you’re mostly guys). According to your sites, you’re all young, handsome, enthusiastically travelling the world, and hardly working at all while you rake in the dough.

Unfortunately, you are also all, to a man (and the occasional woman), missing the fact (or perhaps deliberately denying it) that network marketing, MLM, direct sales, etc. are in most cases nothing more than fancily disguised Ponzi schemes. As far as I can tell, these organizations continue simply because law enforcement agencies don’t appear to have any will to go after them.

Here’s a website that explains the actual mathematical and business-related reasons as to why I feel comfortable making these claims:

Yes, it’s nice to get one’s follower count bumped up—and at this point I decided it was only fair to let you know that you are totally wasting your time and energy in pursuing me. Also, I have to say that getting follows from people who then don’t show any interest in the poetry I write just isn’t very gratifying.

I obviously can’t stop any of you from following me, and… I hope that at least some of you will read this and, in the best case scenario, rethink your participation in MLM/network marketing.


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