neighbor’s cat

carrier arrives
large male, bicolor, vocal
pulls away from strokes


I hope you’ll accept my invitation to find out more about the state of the planet we live on, by visiting



my eye caught, I turn—
horse staring, its friends behind
all creatures alert


Because of my concern over geoengineering, I sound an “all creatures alert” at this blog almost daily. If you are interested in knowing what’s concerning me, please visit

counting 2

so many weeks to winter solstice
a few more weeks, and the days
will start to stretch again
like cats do after they nap

I won’t feel

I’ve barely gotten started
and the dark is back again


My care for people, animals, and plants compels me to invite you daily to visit this site: At Geoengineering Watch, you can educate yourself about the impact on all our lives of solar radiation management programs.


when rabbits scatter
one takes long stretching leap
yoga students sigh


I love nature and love to see the plants and animals thriving. That’s why I find this site, about climate engineering, worth my time:


bird and my eyes turn
plus sun and feather combine
unearthly white flash


These small moments with such huge import are part of what keeps me enthralled with nature. It’s because of my love for nature that I encourage you to visit




rabbit feet punch-holes
in day-old snow’s damp paper
sun softened edges


We all leave tracks. You can find out more about the ones streaking the sky at


dream—jaguar kit
squirms in my arms, then purrs
we’re leaving palace


On another note, here’s my daily invitation to you to find out what’s going on in our skies: