counting 2

so many weeks to winter solstice
a few more weeks, and the days
will start to stretch again
like cats do after they nap

I won’t feel

I’ve barely gotten started
and the dark is back again


My care for people, animals, and plants compels me to invite you daily to visit this site: At Geoengineering Watch, you can educate yourself about the impact on all our lives of solar radiation management programs.



snow-strip lines long road
south edge only—letter home,
last week’s earth-sun dance


I love seeing people survive and thrive, as well as nature! That’s why I invite you to visit this site and discover what you can do to stop climate engineering’s threat to your well-being:



late fall day, dirt road
each pebble casts a shadow
grindsound of my steps


When I walk under the huge New Mexican sky, I see geoengineering aerosols spread for miles. If you are interested in finding out more about these substances and their effects, please visit


sage repeats shadows
rhyme, reason lost to late sun
search dizzies me


I assume that if you’re at this site, you value your relationship with nature—and you might also be interested in the information available here:

fire, 2

summer’s harvest—sticks’
crystalline orange matrix
sun reshines in stove


The sun is the engine of life on this planet. We’re trying to control its activities without fully understanding the ramifications of our acts. Find out more here:



neighbor’s dog, 5

died two days ago
no eager mouth at my door
more meat for me now


There is a correct balance between life and death. That balance appears to be damaged on our planet. If you are interested in knowing more, please visit:


twenty-four hours rain
my small fire, water, earth
body tugged three ways


Our bodies depend on the elements (air, water, earth, fire)  and are profoundly affected by their activity, whether inside or outside of our skins. Did you know that humanity now regularly interferes with the elements on a huge scale? You can find out more at