counting 2

so many weeks to winter solstice
a few more weeks, and the days
will start to stretch again
like cats do after they nap

I won’t feel

I’ve barely gotten started
and the dark is back again


My care for people, animals, and plants compels me to invite you daily to visit this site: At Geoengineering Watch, you can educate yourself about the impact on all our lives of solar radiation management programs.



fire started fast this morning
friends had me over on Monday
youtube is full of wisdom, once you learn where to look
I know how to play with words, and I’m getting better at it


I wish all my United States-based readers a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m taking a short holiday myself. I’ll be posting again on Saturday, November 29, 2014.


I’m also grateful to Dane Wigington for his commitment to what he calls “the common good.” I invite you to consider lending your energy and expertise to his work to expose and stop climate engineering at





dream—jaguar kit
squirms in my arms, then purrs
we’re leaving palace


On another note, here’s my daily invitation to you to find out what’s going on in our skies:


sage repeats shadows
rhyme, reason lost to late sun
search dizzies me


I assume that if you’re at this site, you value your relationship with nature—and you might also be interested in the information available here:

was it?

long walk yesterday
glimpse large, tan, silent creature?
look back again and


I saw a fascinating documentary last night by the youtube channel Storm Clouds Gathering: Rule from the Shadows — The Psychology of Power – Part 1. One thing the documentary discusses is scientific research that indicates that under social pressure, the way we perceive things actually changes. I think this research is relevant to the fact that many people still seem unable to perceive geoengineering, even though, to my eyes, geoengineering clearly alters the sky almost daily. If you’re interested in knowing more about geoengineering, here’s a great site to begin with:


fleet, nimble feet
flow past rocks, anthills, gullies
I take joy in speed


Dancing, brain gym exercises, walking… I love my ability to move and I do everything I can to support my body’s vitality. Which is why I find this site worth my time: