memorial day

warrior mind—
calmly observant
prepared for defeat
prepared for death

mobilized against injustice (deceit, theft)
attached only to



I am committed to the internal struggle needed to arrive at honest thinking, balanced thinking, and empowered thinking, as opposed to the kind of mental outlook generally called “positive” thinking. Honesty and willingness to engage with the whole of reality, not just the parts we want to see, lead to empowerment and the capability to make change for the better. This is why I encourage all visitors to this blog to expand their knowledge of the whole reality facing us on Planet Earth, by visiting


what choice do we have?

what choice do we have
but to be naked?
the flimsy cloth that covers
merely a dusting—
obscures fleshed contours with seams
of precision
draws the eye away
from certain shadows
but momentarily
only momentarily

rooftops reveal
our dwelling places
easily wounded
in an age of bombs

our doorways and driveways
innocently, incessantly proclaim
I live here
you live there
and of course
the thief knows it

there is no place at all
no place at all to hide

this quivering heart

no place—

for those who dare

the freedom of the open sky
the budding of tenderness
the resilience of song

could be perfect shelter   — 2001


When I wrote this poem in August, 2001, there was a lot I didn’t know about, but could only glimpse through intuition and a “felt sense.” Nowadays, when I reread this piece, I’m amazed how much it had to say about the life looming ahead of me. My perspective is that we need to build true shelter more than ever. One of the bombs I didn’t know about then, but understand somewhat now, is geoengineering:


fragment of learning
destined for my life journal
light play distracts eye


Since moving to the Southwest US, I’ve found myself paying a lot of attention to light—I can’t help but notice its increasing manipulation by geoengineering: