geranium bush
almost enough to hide in
damp smeared windows














Photo: See it at Pixabay here.


I love seeing plants thrive. That’s why I’ve found it valuable to inform myself about the environmental conditions they’re dealing with at


late August

western bottomland
someone’s plough turned green to black
hummingbirds still here


If you’re like me and you care about nature and your relationship to nature, this site is worth your time:


ears can relax again
A back to 4-3-2 Hz
sound of the garden


This poem makes reference to the movement afoot by many musicians to return to A = 432 Hz tuning. This tuning is the traditional one used for millennia. It was phased out after WWII in favor of A = 440 Hz, against the wishes of large numbers of musicians. The older tuning, according to the information I’ve been able to find, harmonizes with nature and our bodies. To me it is both more beautiful and more healing than current standard concert pitch. If you’re interested to know more, you can find out more here: 

 Audacity software allows you to switch music you have on your computer to 432 Hz tuning, and there are also 8 Soundcloud groups posting 432 Hz muxic: Hz


apricot kernels
healing has its bitter side—
thanks to leaves, breeze sings


I regularly eat apricot kernels to help me stay healthy. If you’d like to know more about their properties, here’s an excellent documentary about them: