cloud’s hull sails by
at mountain peaks no shipwreck—
a giant embrace


If the weather, taken overall, seems unusual to you these days, you are not alone. Find out more about the current human weather manipulation programs at



sage repeats shadows
rhyme, reason lost to late sun
search dizzies me


I assume that if you’re at this site, you value your relationship with nature—and you might also be interested in the information available here:


fleet, nimble feet
flow past rocks, anthills, gullies
I take joy in speed


Dancing, brain gym exercises, walking… I love my ability to move and I do everything I can to support my body’s vitality. Which is why I find this site worth my time:


cluttered, clawed branches
too dangerous for chainsaw
clear, I can see far


Thanks to all the aluminum littering the sky these days, it’s been a long time since I could see as far into the distance as I was able to yesterday. If you’re interested in what’s going on in the atmosphere, this site is worth your time:


brittle black crumbs
crumpled sheets, half-buried
rabbit-weed shifts


Apparently the aerosols used in geoengineering operations spray not only toxic metals, but tiny plastic filaments into the air we breathe. You can find out more about geoengineering here:

late August

western bottomland
someone’s plough turned green to black
hummingbirds still here


If you’re like me and you care about nature and your relationship to nature, this site is worth your time: