counting 2

so many weeks to winter solstice
a few more weeks, and the days
will start to stretch again
like cats do after they nap

I won’t feel

I’ve barely gotten started
and the dark is back again


My care for people, animals, and plants compels me to invite you daily to visit this site: At Geoengineering Watch, you can educate yourself about the impact on all our lives of solar radiation management programs.


fire, 3

logs won’t burn solo
two’s the minimum needed
heat pushes me back


I love the natural play of the elements on this planet and I want to see that play survive and thrive. If you feel the same, you can educate and empower yourself at about a major interference with elemental play occurring as we speak, geoengineering.


bird and my eyes turn
plus sun and feather combine
unearthly white flash


These small moments with such huge import are part of what keeps me enthralled with nature. It’s because of my love for nature that I encourage you to visit




late fall day, dirt road
each pebble casts a shadow
grindsound of my steps


When I walk under the huge New Mexican sky, I see geoengineering aerosols spread for miles. If you are interested in finding out more about these substances and their effects, please visit


cluttered, clawed branches
too dangerous for chainsaw
clear, I can see far


Thanks to all the aluminum littering the sky these days, it’s been a long time since I could see as far into the distance as I was able to yesterday. If you’re interested in what’s going on in the atmosphere, this site is worth your time:


highway quiet
coyotes sing drama loud
lights already out


I love hearing wild creatures, and because I want to keep hearing them, I’ve found this site useful:


daylight soaks flashlight
when night falls, I can find path
look, no batteries


Roughly 20 percent less sunlight is now reaching our planet than in years past, due to “solar radiation management” programs. You can find out more here: