their lives

crow swivels my head
with call I’ve not yet heard
tan bellied-bird flees?


We and the birds are now moving through air increasingly saturated with nanometal particulates. If this is of interest to you, you can find out more at


was it?

long walk yesterday
glimpse large, tan, silent creature?
look back again and


I saw a fascinating documentary last night by the youtube channel Storm Clouds Gathering: Rule from the Shadows — The Psychology of Power – Part 1. One thing the documentary discusses is scientific research that indicates that under social pressure, the way we perceive things actually changes. I think this research is relevant to the fact that many people still seem unable to perceive geoengineering, even though, to my eyes, geoengineering clearly alters the sky almost daily. If you’re interested in knowing more about geoengineering, here’s a great site to begin with:


mullein seeds, tiny
can’t be found once they fall
prey makes itself scarce


The mullein plants are so beautiful in every phase of their life cycle. I’d like to see them continue to thrive, so I’ve educated myself about how current environmental conditions might impact them here: