fire started fast this morning
friends had me over on Monday
youtube is full of wisdom, once you learn where to look
I know how to play with words, and I’m getting better at it


I wish all my United States-based readers a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m taking a short holiday myself. I’ll be posting again on Saturday, November 29, 2014.


I’m also grateful to Dane Wigington for his commitment to what he calls “the common good.” I invite you to consider lending your energy and expertise to his work to expose and stop climate engineering at






dream—jaguar kit
squirms in my arms, then purrs
we’re leaving palace


On another note, here’s my daily invitation to you to find out what’s going on in our skies:

neighbor explains

cross gulleys
don’t jump fences

antelopes learn
where to find gates
posts closely placed
wire—antelopes pass
cattle can’t

and he told me
he once raced
an antelope
in his car
at 45 mph
the buck
cut right across the road
in front of him



Photo: See it at Pixabay here.

I feel privileged to see wild animals frequently and I want them to thrive. That’s why I find this website important:

what choice do we have?

what choice do we have
but to be naked?
the flimsy cloth that covers
merely a dusting—
obscures fleshed contours with seams
of precision
draws the eye away
from certain shadows
but momentarily
only momentarily

rooftops reveal
our dwelling places
easily wounded
in an age of bombs

our doorways and driveways
innocently, incessantly proclaim
I live here
you live there
and of course
the thief knows it

there is no place at all
no place at all to hide

this quivering heart

no place—

for those who dare

the freedom of the open sky
the budding of tenderness
the resilience of song

could be perfect shelter   — 2001


When I wrote this poem in August, 2001, there was a lot I didn’t know about, but could only glimpse through intuition and a “felt sense.” Nowadays, when I reread this piece, I’m amazed how much it had to say about the life looming ahead of me. My perspective is that we need to build true shelter more than ever. One of the bombs I didn’t know about then, but understand somewhat now, is geoengineering:



horned bison female
lives with my neighbors

at the gate. sign—
warning, buffalo

brought here as injured infant
she bonded with husband

after collecting eggs
wife won’t leave chicken run
without first checking
the gal’s position

we step past hens
look at her great swift body
pulling in October’s sun
“she is far enough away,
I don’t worry about her there”

the gal gazes back
eyes calm, clear

so obvious she knows
that at least within this yard
her power trumps ours


Photo: See it at Pixabay here.


Animals constantly astonish me and I want to see them thrive. That’s why I consider this site  an important one: